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Maria Rachko

Production services in Russia

Based in Moscow, our company provides a complete range of services for video, film and photography throughout Russia. Since 1996, we've supplied equipment, crews, locations, casting, customs assistance, permits and travel coordination to hundreds of production companies, TV networks, journalists, photographers and agencies from around the globe.

We pride ourselves on being creative problem solvers and good hosts for our clients. We'll support your project from pre-production until you depart from Russia with the footage safely stowed in your carry-on. And because we have personal experience working in major production centers like Los Angeles and South Africa, we've developed an efficient, results-oriented working style that matches yours.

Please contact me to learn how we can make your upcoming production in this unique part of the world a smooth and successful experience.


Maria Rachko
Chief Fixer

 Your efforts made seemingly impossible things possible. The crew was so good, we wanted to take them back to Los Angeles with us. 

— Mark Slater
McDonald's video director
Handmade Interactive LLC

What Our Clients Say

Below is a sampling of comments we've received from clients.
Contact information is available on request.

Kirsta Teague
Executibe Producer

Thanks so much for such great days and all your efforts and work. We really appreciate it. I'm really happy with how much you have helped us on this fast and challenging shoot.

Justin Medeiros
Director of Production

Thank you very much for all!
Maria Rachko provides excellent production services for any film and TV project inside the Russian Federation. Her team, knowledge, and access are second to none. She takes great care in attending to the needs of foreign companies and always goes the extra mile to make sure every detail is thought of to ensure successful productions. You will not go wrong making Maria Rachko part of your production, she makes magic happen!

Gyorgi Sapojnikoff

It was a genuine please to work with you, and I hope to see you again. Thanks for your hard work!

Nev Pitty-Rose
Holly Blackwell

Everyone was very pleased indeed with the crew and the location and the services provided.

Everybody went above and beyond the call of duty on this shoot. Thank you so much for your help — the shoot went really well and everyone is really happy.

Michael Richards
Senior Producer

Maria Rachko provides an honest, reliable and efficient production service, ensuring that the process from visa applications right through to post-shoot reconciliation runs as smoothly as possible. Maria understands the need for professional English speaking technicians and makes every effort to source them.
Allon Wechsler (Line Producer)
I just wanted to say a very big thank you for all the time, effort and understanding you brought to the Nokia shoot. It wasn't easy, the demands of the job snowballed and the resources stayed exactly the same. The cut wouldn't have looked anything at all if you and your team(s) hadn't made such an amazing effort and managed to be charming and good natured all the while.

David Masters (Director)

Sarah Bakker

Thank you so much for looking after Paul and crew whilst they were in Moscow.
The shoot was a success and Paul really enjoyed working with you guys.
It was a fantastic shoot. Thank you and your crew for all your help.
Moscow sounds like such fascinating place to visit.

Nicky Brinkman

We had a great time in Moscow and I really enjoyed working with you. Everything went smoothly and even at the last minute we could arrange things. You were always there to help us and it made things a lot easier.

Thank you for the three months we worked together. It was a difficult program with lot of changes and we were happy that we could make those changes.

Kevin Mulvey
Production manager

Jody Pritchard

Fantastic crew and equipment you assembled it was such a wonderful experience to work at such a distant frontier with so much history and have everything we wanted to work and go as smoothly as it did.

In my life's journey I do wish I would have the opportunity to return, if not I will always put in a good word for you to handle anything for any future productions.
A big Russian THANK YOU to all of you for your contribution in Moscow at the TF3 “global junket”. The movie opened today with the biggest box office opening of 2011. So I feel like we all did our job helping to get the TF3 word out there. It was a lot of hard work but I think overall a great success.
Thanks for making it a great show!!

Alexander den Olden
Director | Producer

In my opinion, from the moment I contacted you I have experienced a very professional yet flexible attitude and insight regarding my request.
I must also compliment the selection of crew, and the crew themselves which were very hard working experienced people with a pleasant way of interacting. Cameraman was very resourceful in providing me just the right footage, when my insight at the end of the day was not as sharp anymore. I would like to emphasise the equipment selection was exactly I am used working with, a high end industrial ENG set which completed the production completely in matter of image quality.
Thank you again for your professionalism, your quick response and involvement I’m looking forward to us meeting and cooperating again soon!

Jarmo Salonen
Producer | Director

It was pleasure working with you and your crew. Looking forward to the future challenges. You made it clear that working in Russia (at least in Moscow) is not only possible but also pleasant.

Nikki Carter

Maria a big thank you to you and all the Maria Team. Your efforts where so much appreciated and a good job done. I am sincerely hoping that I get to come back to work with you all again in Moscow :)
Best wishes + Kind regards.

Ed Callaghan

Thanks again for all your help and I will happily recommend your services to anyone looking for help with Russian production services.

Petra Valent
Michael Haldane

Our reputation as a global agency is only as good as our work. So we aim high and work only with the best. Thanks to Marsha and her team, our client was extremely impressed and told us that the end result exceeded all their expectations.
Maria's extensive experience working with international clients and knowledge of the advertising industry was an enormous asset in interpreting the brief from a local perspective as well as assembling the best crew for the job. Maria’s can do attitude and professionalism made shooting in Moscow an incredibly easy process any agency can only hope for. If you need further confirmation of Marsha's ability please call me

Lucinda Jones

Rupert Greaves
General Producer

None of this could have happened with out all your hard work, enthusiasm and dedication. Not to mention professionalism.
We can't thank you enough - WELL DONE! Thank you for your incredible footage and for making such a wonderful and memorable film. Kindest regards, Michaela and the Starbucks Team

Amelia Wise

I'm really pleased that the filming went well, depsite the room you were given - thank you so much for making it look as good as possible and for arranging everything your end. We have just got around to looking at the interviews that you shot and they are fine. Thanks very much.


Dear Maria,
Thank you so much for making an effort for this project.
Since the first time i contacted you, I had a feeling you're very professional, this is why I was trying hard working with you to make it happen in Moscow.

Tom Phillips
Director | Producer

Thank you so much for saving us today, I have told to our "key players" in this series about the value you bring to us. I dont know what we would have done without you."

I have never worked with a more competent, reliable person than Maria.
Maria was great, very professional, took care of everything and got us out of some very tough jams.

She worked on the series "MonsterQuest" for me, got us out of many troubles, worked hard, extremely resourceful, pleasant to work with, what can I say?, hire her. Your lucky you found her.

Seth Kramer | Producer

Please feel free to give my contact information to anyone seeking a reference.

Viktoria Barrett

Please feel free to use the below on your website.
An excellent service. Next time we're in Moscow we will definitely use your expertise again.
Thank you for all your help in Russia, much appreciated.

Loz Simpson
President and Executive Producer

Just a few words about Maria. She was head of TV Production at Ogilvy Moscow while I was ECD of that agency. I was impressed by her no-nonsense approach, her forward thinking and her realistic frame of mind when she handled projects. All of which comes from the fact that she has many years of experience. Quite what is the nature of what you may be asking her to do I have no idea but whatever it is I'm sure she will handle it well, given her attention to detail. As a final testament I have since started my own agency here in Moscow - Umbrella - and it is to Maria that I turn when we have a TV commercial to produce. Los Simpson (Creative Director)

Nicola Meuter
Managing Director

We loved sharing the experience of shooting the REWE Group corporate film with you. The client really likes video and is absolutely satisfied with the result.
Concerning your work everything went well. Thanks for all !

Ann Rutherford

If clients talk to you they will know you are honest

Carolyn Jones

Isabel Durni

We appreciated how easy you made navigating the city for us. The studio was perfect, the production went smoothly and we greatly appreciated the approach that you took with us. We felt as though we left Moscow understanding the city better because you were with us and showed us the beauty and the soul of the city. We enjoyed your company as well as your production skills and I would highly recommend you to anyone heading to Moscow and working there.
Carolyn Jones

Please, include us in your reference list with pleasure.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help with anything or need contacts in New York.

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